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April Showers

We all know the feeling. Waking up in the morning, looking out the window and, yep, rain again. Immediately it's a bad hair, bad shoe day. Obviously the only thing that can get you through these awful times is a new umbrella.

When tackling April's unpredictable weather, the first thing you will need is a pair of shoes that will withstand the rain and/or you don't mind ruining - I got these boots for £10 from Primark and they are surprisingly sturdy.

Secondly; you need to invest in a good umbrella, this therefore involves being sensible and not cheaping out. UK city streets are riddled with abandoned umbrellas this time of year, but you can do better than that! This Ted Baker Aileene Umbrella is kind of making me look forward to the rain (and the case is so pretty!).

Okay, now you can cheap out. I got this Faux Leather Watch and this CĂ©line-style Knot Bracelet for under £2.50. Yes, you did read that right. £2.50!!! For Both!!

I searched everywhere for a pinafore that us short girls can pull off, I eventually got this from Primark and I'm already considering going back to get it in every colour. Who knew how handy that little pocket could be?! For a simple look I teamed it with my American Apparel Turtleneck Jersey (mine is the original but they have also released this version of it with some cheaper colour ways) and a Petite Faux-Leather Jacket from Topshop - and remember: drape it, don't wear it.

So, don't let April showers get you down. Tie your hair up, put your umbrella up and go for it.

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