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Like Mother, Like Daughter

During my recent weekend at home to see my parents, I conducted my monthly raid of my Mother's wardrobe (followed by a quick look at my sister's). There are certainly many pros to 'sharing' with your Mom...or sister...or even your Dad for the occasional oversized shirt or jumper.

Firstly, your Mom actually invests in her basics. While you were probably out buying some really really super cool on trend shoes from Primark that are quite likely to disintegrate within a month, she was buying a sensible top from GAP that will somehow last forever and go with any outfit imaginable - for example this striped top that I paired with my ASOS 90s Style Dungarees and an incredibly comfortable Primark jumper that I have temporarily borrowed from my sister.

Following this, while you were probably shopping for crazily high heels that you can't walk in but obviously really need for a girls night out, she was shopping for some incredibly sturdy go-with-everything shoes that will look brand new forever. Literally, forever. My Mom got these easy-to-wear slip ons from Monsoon years ago but they're in as good condition as they've ever been. How?!
I paired them with my friendship anklet that my sister and I got together in Ibiza - we're adorable, I know.

Don't worry when your funds are running low, you always have a Mom/Dad/sister to 'borrow' from. If anything, they'll probably be flattered! And sharing is caring, right? After all, what are families for??

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