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Happy Easter!

Easter is quite possibly the best day of the year. It essentially means two things; firstly the weather will get better and better from this point on (yay!) and secondly there is currently a lot of food in the house...and most of it is chocolate.
I thought that a guide for dressing during Easter would be perfect this week. So here are my thoughts on styling your outfits this week.
You've probably gone through winter wearing black or grey or black or grey or black or grey... As it's finally starting to feel like spring, now is the time to be colourful. Enter your most colourful/patterned/metallic/fun garments here, think Easter-egg vibes and go with it!

Now, there is no shame in eating every piece of chocolate in your sight. We're all doing it, don't worry. What you need is a lovely but loose top to sneakily hide the *cough*extra baggage*cough* you may currently be carrying. Hey, you can work on your abs next week.
I then opted for sandals, I just can't bear to hide my little feet away in boots or trainers any longer! Free your toes, girls, it's nearly summer!

If you've got any Easter tips then leave a comment below. And for all of those that live in the East Midlands in the UK, don't forget that Nottingham Fashion Week is only 5 weeks away so see my last post to use my ticket discount code.

Happy Easter!

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